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UPDATE (June 1st, 2022): We are opening back up slowly. We will not be accepting requests for late-night parties for now.

Please complete the form below, or email unit2booking [at] gmail [dot] com with any questions.
Booking Unit 2

Please contact if you have any questions regarding this form.

COVID-19 update:
Unit 2 is being extra careful because of the community we serve, that is comprised of  QTBIPOC, disabled, mad, crip, deaf, folks and friends. We will not be open for public events, till further notice, but instead are moving towards cultivating arts, healing and community organizing.  Because Nic and Rose still live at Unit 2 we need to be extra careful and plans are in way to have Unit 2 be a full-time arts / community space starting in September 2022. 

We prioritize supporting BIPOC, two-spirit, trans, queer, and anti-authoritarian community organizing. 
If you belong to an organization and / or institution, you must have QTBIPOC members in positions of power and / or are working towards this model with good intentions that includes anti-oppressive, anti-racist, feminist,  disability justice, Queer/Trans inclusive  values.  We will not assess these criteria and leave it up to you to decide if Unit 2 is the space for you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 
We prioritize supporting BIPOC, two-spirit, trans, queer, and anti-authoritarian community organizing. 

The space will now be used (until further notice) for:
 rehearsals (loud rehearsals would be from 7-11pm)
 photo shoots
 book clubs
 small art making gatherings 
 mental health support circles
 art and mental health private gatherings
 live stream performance for any of the above  
Maximum numbers in space:
 5 with masks on
 please contact us if you have more then 5 and we can discuss. 
Tech update:
 We now have 3 cameras and professional minimal lighting. We can provide tech people at an added cost. You   also can bring your own technical personal. 
 Day Time Bookings (10am-6pm):
 Daytime Community rate $20-40/hour $125-250/day
 “Working Together” options, can include tech and staff
 Daytime Corporate/Industry rate $100/hour $700/day
 Evening Bookings (7pm-11pm, incl set-up and take-down):
 Evening Community rate* $150-300/night
 “Working Together” options, can include tech and staff
 Evening Corporate/Industry rate $250-500/night
All rentals include:
 PA (speakers, a sub, 2 mics, 12 channel mixing board), 1 mic stand
 folding chairs
 four-eight-person folding tables
 two portable stages
 garbage removal
 wheelchair-accessible washroom
 full kitchen

 must have Vaccine proof to work and / or be in space
 must wear masking inside / up to 5 people in space with mask on
 must sanitize hands in and out of space 
 will need a list and contact numbers of folks in space. This is only for contract tracing and this info  will not be share. 
 please wipe down space before you leave 
 must sign a form aknowledging that Unit 2 is not responsible for COVID-19 transmission or illness