Celestial Seeds


THANK YOU TO ALL OUR WORKSHOP PARTICIPANTS, FACILITATORS, AND TECH FOR HELPING US SPROUT THE FIRST RUN OF CELESTIAL SEEDS ! We are applying for more funding to launch a second edition. Please check back here and on our social media for updates!

Unit 2 received funding from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council to do 14-18 workshops over the course of a year. These workshops are by QT2S/BIPOC and friends and for QT2S/BIPOC and friends wanting to learn arts and administrative skills in a safer and supportive environment. These workshops will primarily be online. We hope, if the city guide-lines change, we can have some of the workshops in person, with safety protocols in place.

We can pay up to 10 QT2S/BIPOC and friends participants in the GTA at $15 an hour per workshop. This is geared towards working class and working poor folks who really need the income and want to learn a new skill or continue some training. Please apply here: https://forms.gle/TQF1CUugCrFvDVPM7 (FORM NO LONGER ACTIVE)

We have partnered with Deaf Spectrum to provide ASL selected by the Deaf QT2S community. We can provide ASL for the following workshops if Deaf participants express interest: Creating Inclusive Virtual Spaces with Marisa Grant, Accounting, Taxes, and Finances for Artists, Art Organizers, and Freelancers with Mohammad Rezaei, and Transformative Justice with Naty Tremblay.

Previous Workshops:

Drag X with Nookie Galore and Franny Galore-Wngz

How to Write a Rap Song with Myst Milano

Developing Your Photography Style with Maxholio

Grant Writing for the Arts with Tom Cho

Writing Dialogue with Bilal Baig

The Art of Freestyle with Eyeda Sophia

Making Beats: Digital Composition 101 with Sofia Fly

Making Inclusive Virtual Spaces with Marisa Grant

Making Art Sober with Claire Burns

Accounting, Taxes, and Finances for Artists, Art Organizers, and Freelancers with Soraya Soraya Karimy, P. Eng and Mohammad Rezaei

Transformative Justice through the Arts with Naty Tremblay and Orev Reena Katz

Wiggling 101 with Hannia Cheng

Long Term Vocal Care with R.Flex